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Benev Skin Care

Inspired by the skin’s natural renewal process, BENEV formulas support a younger, healthier complexion. Learn more about the BENEV products we carry at Exceptional Dermatology Care in Fullerton.

Vitamin C-20 Gel

Vitamin C Serum 20% helps even skin tone and fade the appearance of mild scars with a high concentration of vitamin C for maximum results.* This serum is designed to help firm skin and reduce hyperpigmentation problems with tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, a stable, non-aqueous form of vitamin C that easily penetrates skin.* Vitamin C is an antioxidant and helps enhance collagen formation, improves skin elasticity, and lightens the appearance of age and sun spots.* This serum is a light, breathable silicone-based treatment that softens and smooths skin while providing a barrier against moisture loss and environmental elements.* Its brightening and correcting formula inhibits the formation of hyperpigmentation and helps improve the appearance of acne.*

Benev Vitamin C Gel 20%

Redoxa Revitalizing Cream

Benev’s Redoxa Cream rejuvenates old and weakening tissues by utilizing the natural life-extension substance Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE), which extends the life of the cells.* The interaction shortens and tightens the tissues, preventing sagging and flattening typically associated with aging skin.* Fine lines around the lips and eyes are repaired while the loss of firmness in the skin around the neck, eyelids and cheeks is counteracted.* Redoxa restores a smooth surface and youthful glow to the skin utilizing Vitamin C (15%), essential for the production of collagen.* The skin is protected from environmental damage by Vitamin E, an essential skin care nutrient that that also moisturizes and calms inflammation.*

Benev Redoxa Revitalizing Cream

Pearl Facial Cleanser

The Benev Pearl Facial Cleanser, an alternative to oily and sticky cleansers, quickly removes makeup residue and other impurities, leaving the skin cleansed and refreshed.* It is a gentle cleanser recommended for normal to sensitive skin. This cleanser is also perfect for pre-procedure and post-procedure skin. It easily removes dirt and is gentle enough to use around the eye area. It leaves the complexion feeling soft and fresh while restoring the skin to a neutral pH.*

Benev Pearl Facial Cleanser

Crystal Facial Cleanser

The Crystal Facial Cleanser is a natural, vegetable oil-based cleanser enriched with essential oils for clear, smooth skin.* This gentle cleanser nourishes skin with olive fruit and rosehip seed extracts. It is mild enough to remove makeup, even around the sensitive eye area.* Recommended for combination to oily skin, this cleanser leaves skin feeling fresh, soft and radiant.*

Benev Crystal Facial Cleanser

*Disclaimer, results may vary from person to person.