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Restylane Lyft

As we age, our skin produces less collagen, which is a substance necessary to keep skin elastic and hydrated. As we lose collagen, our skin becomes more prone to wrinkles and also begins to sag and lose volume. Volume loss in the mid-face region can lead to unflattering shadows, as well as a lack of definition, while deepening smile lines can make us look older and detract from the natural beauty of the face. Restylane® Lyft can smooth smile lines and bring back definition to the cheeks, taking years off of the appearance in the process.*

Before & After Restylane Lyft
Before & After Restylane Lyft

*Results may vary.

How does Restylane Lyft work?

Restylane Lyft is a hyaluronic acid gel filler with a firm texture that makes it ideal for restoring volume and for use on deep wrinkles such as the nasolabial folds.* It can actually provide both lift and volume restoration, leading to natural looking definition and contour of the mid face.* It can also be used together with other dermal fillers or neuromodulators in what is known as a “liquid facelift.” Liquid facelifts are a great means of full face rejuvenation for people who are not ready for or do not want to undergo a surgical facelift.* At Exceptional Dermatology Care, we are experts in facial rejuvenation and can customize a treatment plan for each individual patient.*


Restylane Lyft is one of the longest lasting hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, with results still visible after a full year for over half of the clinical trial participants.* As part of the tried and true Restylane product line, which includes regular Restylane and Restylane Silk, Restylane Lyft is held to the same high standards and has been proven safe and effective.* For patients who want a natural makeover of their mid-face region, Restylane Lyft is a great choice.*

How is the procedure performed?

Restylane Lyft is injected directly into the skin in tiny amounts with an ultra-fine needle.  The procedure is simple and quick, and results are immediate.* A topical numbing cream is used 45 minutes before the procedure to minimize discomfort.*


The Restylane Lyft procedure is quick and painless, and in order to ensure the highest levels of patient comfort, a topical numbing cream can be applied beforehand if the patient wishes.* There is no downtime required following a procedure, making it ideal for busy men and women who don’t have time to spare for lengthy recovery times.* Patients can be in and out of the office in less than an hour!* Side effects of Restylane Lyft are minimal, with some patients reporting minor bruising, swelling, or redness.* These effects will disappear on their own over the course of a few weeks, and in the meantime can be easily managed with ice packs or over the counter painkillers and can be covered with makeup.*


*Disclaimer, results may vary from person to person.