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Skin Tags

A skin tag (acrochordon), is a small, benign fleshy growth that hangs off the skin by a small, narrow connecting stalk. They are most often found where skin forms creases and rubs against skin: under the armpits or breasts, in the groin area, or on the eyelids or neck. Skin tags affect about 46% of the population, and are most commonly found in people who are overweight, have diabetes, and women who are pregnant.


Because skin tags are completely harmless and painless, treatment is not necessary unless they become irritated, painful, or for cosmetic purposes.* If you desire treatment for your skin tags, there are several options in our office.* A tag can be anesthetized and then cut off, frozen off with liquid nitrogen, or burned off using electrosurgery.*


*Disclaimer, results may vary from person to person.